Jul 14, 2007


I have no idea why I am starting a blog. This is not in accordance with my known aversion to anything resembling electronic communication. Now that I psychoanalyze individuals on a daily basis, I will attempt to discover my unconscious agenda. I suppose I am reaching out to the friends who have known me for so long because I feel as if I am an enigma even to myself. Don't we all need some grounding sometime? It is so appropriate that I am a Gemini, because I have so many "faces" which are easily adaptable in various situations, with various types of people. Sometimes I think that I have changed so much from what I used to be that no one would really believe it if they really knew everything about me. And, I'm okay with this. I think I thrive on the discovery, the change. It comes with a bit of a price, though - lonliness and confusion. I think it's okay to feel like you are an enigma to yourself sometimes. Jai yen yen is thai for "cool down baby, take it easy". It reminds me of reggae music, my dad and my philosophy for life.