Jul 14, 2008


In a symbolic, ten years in the making, spontaneous act of liberation...I got a tattoo. I second-guessed myself and considered skipping the appointment until I noticed that the parlor's symbol was a pirate ship. The signs came together in that moment and I swear I heard a faint, angelic hum being carried in the wind. Doubts also arised while sitting in a waiting room full of teenage boys and tattoo artists with obsene t-shirts on. I thought that maybe my tattoo artist, Chris, would be unable to draw the very simple, basic deisign that I wanted. I nearly walked out. Then he appeared, with a drawing that made me say.."Oh! Wow!" So...I am permanently branded with a gaelic trinity symbol that stands for my irish descent, my faith and my family. This all confirms my long-held opinion that I am so bad ass!