Nov 1, 2009

Halloween anniversary

Is it not appropriate that my anniversary with Jim falls on Halloween? (Ok, maybe that is a teensy weensy bit off, but since I can't remember any kind of date whatsoever, I think it is brilliant). We both, after all, have a great affinity for dressing in costume for various occasions. Halloween became my favorite holiday about three years ago when I realized I couldn't stand any other holiday. I love Halloween. It's the naughty holiday, the rebel amidst the others. Halloween just doesn't pretend to be pretty and I love it! Somehow it satisfies my fascination with everything frightening and mildly nauseating. Halloween, like autumn, seems wild and untamed, unabashedly racing through the wind with its hair flying behind and pushing on into the great unknown - the scariest of all thoughts. How psychologically interesting. And so, I am pleased that my equally satisfying relationship comes full circle on this unique day of the year. I am smiling and so so content.