Jul 14, 2008


In a symbolic, ten years in the making, spontaneous act of liberation...I got a tattoo. I second-guessed myself and considered skipping the appointment until I noticed that the parlor's symbol was a pirate ship. The signs came together in that moment and I swear I heard a faint, angelic hum being carried in the wind. Doubts also arised while sitting in a waiting room full of teenage boys and tattoo artists with obsene t-shirts on. I thought that maybe my tattoo artist, Chris, would be unable to draw the very simple, basic deisign that I wanted. I nearly walked out. Then he appeared, with a drawing that made me say.."Oh! Wow!" So...I am permanently branded with a gaelic trinity symbol that stands for my irish descent, my faith and my family. This all confirms my long-held opinion that I am so bad ass!

Mar 30, 2008

Yo ho ho and a bottle of...

When you begin a fascination with pirates, the associations are everywhere. Pirate hats, pirate milkshakes... If you pretend you are a pirate you might also experience a great surge of confidence and intrigue. Lastly, I am adding a fifth "answer" to my previous blog about existential questions. 5. Rum.


10 years ago:
I was living with Sonrisa, listening to Jennifer Knapp and wearing odd thriftstore clothes.

Things on my to-do list today:
See clients, figure out how I'm going to pay my school loans back, go running and enjoy the first day of my last term of grad school.

Three bad habits:
1. forgetting birthdays
2. snapping my gum constantly
3. eating halves of everything and putting the rest back.

If I became a billianaire:
I'd jump up and down, dance around, yell obsenities and then travel till I dropped.

Five jobs I have had:
1. Go-cart operator
2. Bingo concession stand
3. Child case manager
4. Server
5. ESL teacher

Five things you may not know about me:
1. Every movie I like is either set in England, has English actors or utilizes English accents. It is spooky!
2. I want to be a pirate
3. I pretend all of the time
4. I love and hate socializing
5. My biggest fear is being trapped in a boring life

Feb 25, 2008


Amazing. I can't think of any other rock stars I would want to be that close to while they are sweating profusely on stage. How is it possible that Bono is still sexy? And, how are all four of them so fit? Is it the jumping around on stage? Do they build rock walls in Ireland on their days off? Do four Irish men who sing about war, injustice and political freedom really have pesonal trainers?

Jan 1, 2008

This year's prediction

Betsy asked me what my prediction for 2008 was, and, unprepared, i didn't know. However, after some reflection and meditation, it has come to me. This is the year of healing and cleansing. Look for it.