Feb 25, 2008


Amazing. I can't think of any other rock stars I would want to be that close to while they are sweating profusely on stage. How is it possible that Bono is still sexy? And, how are all four of them so fit? Is it the jumping around on stage? Do they build rock walls in Ireland on their days off? Do four Irish men who sing about war, injustice and political freedom really have pesonal trainers?


Trinket said...

For some reason it just makes me giggle to see you use the word "sexy." I keep picturing you saying what you wrote in my mind and it makes me chuckle. :)

Jenny said...

I noticed the same thing about them being "fit." I'm sure they consume a lot of alcohol calories, too, so how they manage not to have beer bellies is a wonder. And even if they had personal trainers, keeping up with a workout schedule while they tour? I can't imagine that is possible. At any rate, they are amazing musicians and put on a great show.