Aug 27, 2007

Predictions and predilections

Dylan and I spent five days and four nights treking through the grand tetons in wyoming. Wow. I never knew what beauty lay beyond vast peaks; what is waiting to be discovered by those willing to cross into the wild. I saw amazing glaciers, glacier lakes, waterfalls. I saw a moose in the distance and encountered a bear that walked within ten feet of me. My back hurt from my pack, my feet ached, the nights were bitterly cold, I got tired of eating granola and nuts - but, oh how it was all worth it! I think this excursion has rejuvinated my spirit. I feel a stirring in the wind - promises of good things to come. I just need to realize that sore feet accompany, and eventually lead to, colored horizons.

Aug 3, 2007

On the precipice

Sometimes I have glimpses of sunlight, streaming through the clouds on waves of promise and hope. Sometimes I go for a run and the Spirit seems to be rustling the trees, telling me secrets that I will decipher with time and experience. These keep me going. I love what I'm doing, where I am, who I am, who I have. I think I just choose to open myself wide to the world - the pain, joy, surprise, fear, unexpected - because I like the thought of being stripped clean by all of it, even if it hurts. It somehow feels good in the end because I choose to take the storm in my own way - with arms spread in defiance and acceptance of what is coming. Damn it, I am going to stand on the edge of the precipice and stare into it because I'd rather do that then fear going over. Besides, there is never just one thing at the bottom of them.