Dec 23, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

I'm a posting maniac!
Please watch the lil' ol' clip of the most amazing tv show ever - flight of the conchords. Simply scroll on down and prepare to be highly entertained. Please start watching them so I can have a plethora of people to throw quoates back and forth with. I've always wanted to start a movement.

Dec 21, 2007


My friend Mary and I took a trip down the ol' california coast recently. Along the way we realized that all of life's oddities can be explained with four statements.
1.Life is wierd
2.People are crazy
3.It's just physics
4.It must be elvish
Seriously, it works. This is going to relieve your existential stress.
I love the beach. I am imaginging myself as a surfing beach bum.